Chapter 4 Safety

Article 39 Safety device and outfit

Drivers shall comply with FIA, FIM, KARA safety management regulations. In the case of vehicles, drivers should receive confirmation of their helmet, 4-point or above belt, fire extinguisher (3.3 kg or above, Halon fire extinguisher: 3 kg or above), and the driver’s outfit by the related personnel. In case of bikes (motorcycles), drivers shall wear a helmet, a suit (made in leather, one-piece), gloves, shoes (products that can protect driver’s ankle), and a lumbar (spine) protector. However, in the case of vehicles, the above safety device and outfits are recommended during experience driving and sports driving. In the case of course IN, drivers shall wear long-sleeve shirts and pants and comfortable shoes (no slippers or sandals) and get confirmation by the related personnel before conducting course IN.

Article 40 Emergency Standard

Motor Sports Competition
- 1 surgery and emergency medical specialist is obligatory.
- 2 or more ambulances (1 inside the circuit, 1 in spectators stand) are obligatory.
- Competition should stop if an ambulance is not stationed in the circuit.
- Accident simulation is obligatory.
- Data should be shared with KIC after establishing a safety process.

General rental (club, filming, test)
- 1 ambulance (inside the circuit) is obligatory.
- Event should stop if an ambulance is not stationed in the circuit.

Article 41 Fire Extinguisher

In the case of vehicles, 3.3 kg or above powder type fire extinguisher or 3.0 kg or above Halon fire extinguisher shall be placed in a location where it can be easily operated from a seating position inside the vehicle. However, a vehicle participating in sports driving or experience driving is not obligated to install a fire extinguisher.

Article 42 Working in Pit

In the case of working in a pit, workers should be careful not to drop a working tool or working vehicle outside. When oil or anti-freeze has fallen on the floor, make sure to wipe immediately to prevent slip accidents and course contamination.

Article 43 No Access to Pit Sign Stage

Anyone under the age of 14 is limited from access (can be accompanied with a guardian). Umbrellas (parasol) shall not be used. One should not sit on the concrete and guardrail and bring in beverages, paper cups, and food on the pit sign stage.

Article 44 No Maintenance on the Course

In the case of identifying anomalies while driving on the course, drivers should move to a safe place or follow the guidance directed by the related (safety) personnel. After parking the vehicle at a safe place, drivers shall evacuate to outside the guardrail and shall not take off the helmet or gloves. After evacuating, drivers can take off the safety devices and shall follow the guidance directed by the personnel.

Article 45 Limitation of Rescue Operation

Even in the case of identifying a failure or an accident while driving, drivers shall not stop their vehicle and help or rescue others.