Chapter 3 Driving

Article 30 License
  • Paragraph 1 Users driving in KIC shall acquire a KIC license.
    - - Foreign players participating in international competitions or events shall be supplemented with an official driver briefing.
  • Paragraph 2 Expiration date for license is 1 year after the date of acquisition and applies to both vehicles and bikes.
    - Users whose expiration date has been exceeded 1 year shall acquire a new license.
    - Those have renewed their KIC license for a consecutive 3 years are exempt from test driving and shall only have to complete the written examination. (Certain cost is needed.)
    - Passing criteria for the written examination is 70 points or above.
    - Disqualification standard in test driving is applied after 2 warnings / violation of time / retire.
  • Paragraph 3 License training time (cannot be changed)
    Category Registration time writing training test driving
    new 08:50 ~ 09:20 09:30 ~ 11:00 11:30 ~ 12:00
    renewal 08:10 ~ 08:50 08:10 ~ 08:50 09:00 ~ 09:25
  • Paragraph 4 License targets shall be assigned to a timetable within the regular time.
  • Paragraph 5 In the case there are 5 or less test driving targets, test driving can be substituted by becoming familiar with the courses under the guidance of SC.
  • Paragraph 6 In the case of combination of vehicle and bike, test driving time is added.
  • Paragraph 7 Issuance of licenses will be at 4 p.m. on the date of acquisition and sent by mail once a month upon request.
  • Paragraph 8 If someone is caught driving without holding or renewing license, one’s license will be suspended and driving in the racing circuit is prohibited for 1 year.
Article 31 Course Driving

Under any circumstance, no one shall enter or drive in the racing circuit without the permission from related personnel. If anyone wishes to enter or drive in the racing circuit, one shall receive permission or a KIC license in advance, in accordance with the standard of use. Driving time includes the time that was spent dealing with an accident or a foreign matter and conducting oil work.
- Anyone who has not participated in sports driving without advance notice will be prohibited from sports driving 3 times.
- Anyone that has caused engine oil leakage and/or accidents (damage to safety facilities) 3 times will be suspended of his/her license.
- Maximum purchase amount per day (discount ticket): 20 tickets for 1 person (target: residents in Jeollanam-do, disabled persons, men of national merit)
- Refunds shall only be granted to KIC sports driving tickets purchased on the same day. There is no expiration date on driving tickets.

Article 32 Slow-Driving on the Course

In case of slow-driving due to an abnormality of the vehicle (bike), drivers should slowly drive on the right side to the progressing direction and turn on the emergency lamp to notify the situation to the vehicles (bikes) in the back. However, under inevitable circumstances, drivers can move aside to one side, regardless of the progressing direction, and turn on the emergency lamp while slow-driving.

Article 33 Entry to Driving Course (Course IN)

Vehicles shall enter the circuit through the entry gate one by one, following the guidance of related personnel after receiving a safety inspection. For vehicles, drivers should turn on the left turn signal. For bikes, drivers should raise their left hand and move into the course. One shall not move into the center of the course until they pass corner No.1 (hair pin) and shall drive on the right side along the course.

Article 34 Following Guidance of Personnel (Official)

Everyone shall obey the various kinds of signals or guidance that are directed by related personnel, regardless of test driving or course driving. Failure in noticing or acknowledging a signal is not accepted.

Article 35 Prohibition of Reverse Direction Driving

Drivers shall not drive in reverse or the backward direction. However, exception shall be allowed under the permission from related personnel or the control tower.

Article 36 Prohibition of Interference during Driving

Under any circumstances, no one shall interfere while driving - overtaking another vehicle or intentionally interfering ? and shall comply with the guidance directed by the related personnel.

Article 37 Pit IN Driving

In the case of an abnormal situation while course driving, whether it is a problem with the vehicle or a physical problem with a driver, drivers shall immediately carry out Pit IN according to the guidance (checker flag, red flag) directed by the related personnel and drive below 60 km/h on the pit road.

Article 38 Prohibition of Riding Together

Unless it is permitted, drivers shall not take other passengers and drive the vehicle (tandem). In the case of vehicles (bikes), it is only applied to a circuit license holder. In other cases, it is only applied to the personnel in charge of riding training.
※ ※ However, passengers wearing safety equipment can ride together during KIC sports driving. Passengers shall not ride together in test driving before the date of competition.