Usage Principle

Chapter 2 Usage Principle

Article 7 Approval of Use

Anyone who wishes to use the racing circuit must obtain prior permission from the personnel related to the Korea International Circuit, in accordance with the KIC management / operation regulations. Such regulations shall comply with the guideline that has been published in the corresponding year.

Article 8 Racing Circuit Service Hours

Circuit operating time ? 8 hours per day A 10 % per hour overtime fee is added with the daily fee and shall not exceed the total sum of the daily fee. Rent fees are discounted by 50 % during the preparation of events, rehearsal, and demolition period.

Article 9 Schedule Confirmation for General Rent and Charging of Cancellation Fee

Inquiry for Schedule: Anytime / Schedule Confirmation: 1 month prior to use
For schedule confirmation, 10 % of the total fee shall be deposited. (Rental fee is free of interest.)
Cancellation fee (charged after the date of schedule confirmation)
- In case of cancellation after the schedule confirmation and 2 days before the event, 10 % of the daily rental fee will be charged.
- In case of cancellation one day prior to use, 50 % of the daily rental fee will be charged.

Article 10 Off-season Half Day Rental is Available

From December to February, 0.5 day rental is available during the weekdays.

Article 11 Adherence to Service Hours

Anyone entering or using the racing facilities shall strictly adhere to the specified service hours. In the case of a time delay, permission must be obtained with approval from the personnel related to the racing circuit in advance. Otherwise, one having been granted with the approval for using the racing circuit shall be responsible for the damages or disadvantages.

Article 12 General Rental Staff Arrangement
  • Paragraph 1 In case of general rental, arrangement of necessary personnel is obligatory.
    - Exception is made under such conditions when the total number of participating cars is below 10 or the rental is designated for filming, parts testing, and escort driving.
  • Paragraph 2 Course operation staff: Total of 8 persons
    - 6 persons for course (T3.0, T4.0, T6.0, T8.0, T10.0, T11.8)
    - 1 person for main post, 1 person for course IN (pit exit)
  • Paragraph 3 Control and rescue operation standards
    - In principle, the users should perform the operations. However, in the case of request by the users, separate control staff can be recommended. (However, KIC shall only be responsible for recruiting such personnel.)
Article 13 Carrying out / Returning of Goods

All users shall be required to pay attention for maintaining the normal condition of supplies and preventing damage to the rented supplies while in use.

  • Paragraph 1 Users shall submit the application for using supplies in writing at least 7 days before renting. They shall consult with the related personnel and be recognized of the situation of available supplies before Paragraph 2.
  • Paragraph 2 Users shall establish plans for using, arranging, and restoring supplies and submit such plans in writing.
  • Paragraph 3 Supplier shall hire permanent staff for the smooth operation of major supplies and secure separate personnel (at least 2 persons) and transportation vehicle in the case of taking and returning of supplies.
    - Separate personnel: Personnel for taking and returning supplies (excluding manager)
    - Transportation vehicle: One vehicle except for racing circuit owned vehicles
  • Paragraph 4 Users shall be responsible for any damage or loss occurring during the period of use. Additional damages identified after the completion of an event shall also be responsible by the users. However, if force majeure is assumed, user’s responsibility is excluded from such accident.
  • Paragraph 5 In the case of variations in quantity and items during the period of use, changes can be made upon a mutual agreement and supplies can be changed only upon the user’s request in writing
Article 14 Access

The racing circuit is divided into 3 areas; restricted area, permitted area, and free area. The free area refers to where it is open to the public except for special occasions. Access to the restricted area and the permitted area shall not be permitted without approval or an admission ticket from the racing circuit.

Article 15 Speed Limit

The maximum speed within the racing circuit is limited to under 60 km/h. However, no speed limit is set within the course and the speed limit within the pit road is 60 km..

Article 16 No Parking

Vehicles entering the racing circuit shall park in designated parking areas and comply with the guidance directed by a parking attendant (marshal). Otherwise, the racing circuit is entitled to move the vehicle arbitrarily.

Article 17 No Access to Restricted Areas

Access to permitted areas and restricted areas shall be occasionally permitted without approval or an admission ticket. However, under any circumstance, entry into the course shall not be permitted without approval or an admission ticket. Those who have violated such regulations shall be restricted of access into the racing circuit. The racing circuit is not responsible for any accident occurring from negligence of compliance.

Article 18 Smoking
  • Paragraph 1 All areas within the building are no-smoking areas. Smoking areas are limited to designated areas outside buildings.
  • Paragraph 2 Course, pit, and pit road are no-smoking areas.
Article 19 No Cooking

Except for receiving official permission, cooking is restricted within the racing circuit. Outside food service companies shall not enter the racing circuit for providing food or beverages.

Article 20 Accident while Driving

All individuals are responsible for any accident occurring in the course, regardless of its severity.

Article 21 Drinking

Drinking alcohol is restricted in the racing circuit. Those who are under the influence of alcohol shall not be permitted to enter the racing circuit and drive on the course.

Article 22 Use of Paddock, Media Center, and Team Building

In the case of hosting an event or installing facilities, one shall be granted approval from the racing circuit in advance. One shall clean and restore it to the original state after use.

Article 23 Use of Pit

One shall be available to use the pit after receiving approval from the racing circuit in advance. Daily fees are charged from the opening period. One shall clean and restore it to the original state after use.

Article 24 Handling of Waste and Sewage

Even when using the pit or the paddock with the permission from the racing track, one should clean and dispose of waste or sewage in the designated place and receive confirmation from the person in charge.

Article 25 Prevention of Theft of Personal Belongings

Anyone who has received permission to use the racing circuit shall be alert of theft of their vehicle, tools, and personal belongings and be responsible for any kind of theft. In this regard, the racing circuit does not bear any responsibility and one shall not lay responsibility to any personnel related to the racing circuit.

Article 26 Restriction on Arbitrary Control of Racing Circuit Facilities

Anyone who has received permission to use the racing circuit shall not arbitrarily operate facilities within the racing circuit and shall request to the related personnel if necessary.

Article 27 Securing Video and Providing Information

Users shall fully cooperate with securing video in regard to accidents and provide the information of the accident and the place.

Article 28 Restrictions of Causing Noise

No one shall cause noise above the regulated level or be engaged in fighting, which may degrade the dignity of the racing circuit.

Article 29 Fees
Fees for KIC
(Unit, KRW 1,000)
Fees for KIC : Category, Details, 사용, Information of the remarks
Category Details Fees Remarks
Weekdays (Mon ~ Fri) Weekend / Holidays
Motor Sports Competition
(4-wheel vehicle) 1)
F1 T(5.615km) 24,000 36,000 - 8 hours / day (opening of spectators stand)
Permanent Track(3.045km) 18,000 27,000
Motor Sports Competition
(2-wheel vehicle) 1)
F1 T(5.615km) 12,000 18,000
Permanent Track(3.045km) 9,000 13,500
General rental 2) F1 T(5.615km) 12,000 18,000 - 8 hours / day
- in the case of exclusive use of corresponding facilities (No spectators seat is open)
Permanent Track(3.045km) 9,000 13,500
F1 Pit(one pit, 135㎡) 100 150
Permanent Pit(one pit, 68㎡) 60 90
F1 Paddock(one pit , 940㎡) 800 1,200
Permanent Paddock(one pit, 497㎡) 480 720
Team Building(one-building , 647㎡) 800 1,200
Media Center(second floor , 1,696㎡) 2,000 3,000
KIC license KIC license 100 - Valid date, 1 year from the issue date
※ permanent use for cart and ATV
Facilities rental ponder rental 20 - 8 hours / day
Sports driving ticket 3) 25 minutes / 1 time 40,000 (including insurance) - in case of driving 10 times Free one-time driving ticket
- separate fee is charged for general rental pit in the case of using individual pit

- morning 09:00~12:00, afternoon ? summer season(14:00~17:00)/winter season(13:30~16:30), night ? winter season(17:00~20:00)

- Provide 10 % discount to KIC admission ticket holder (for the corresponding day) and those using the auto-camping site (only applied to the corresponding day and the following day)
However, the rental fee is not applied.

Fees for cart racing circuit
(Unit, KRW 1,000)
Fees for cart racing circuit - Category, Weekdays (Mon ~ Fri), Information on weekends / holidays
Category Weekdays (Mon ~ Fri) Weekend / Holidays Remarks
Driving leisure and junior one-seater 10minutes 10,000 10minutes 12,000
two-seater 10minutes 15,000 10minutes 18,000
Racing 10minutes 25,000 10minutes 30,000 ※ only applied to license holder
Lotus, Yamaha 1day 300,000
PRD, ROK 1day 200,000
Group one-seater 6,000 one-seater 7,000 group of 15 people or more, only available in the mornings during the weekend
two-seater 9,000 two-seater 10,000
RC car 10minutes 2,000 10minutes 3,000
License 100,000
Rental for racing circuit morning 1,200,000 / afternoon 1,200,000 / night 1,200,000 morning 2,000,000 / afternoon 2,000,000 / night 2,000,000 including affiliated facilities, 1 employee
- one-seater :100,000원
- two-seater :150,000원
Rental for course 1day 30,000 1day 50,000 using personal cart (including expendables)
Pit 1day 40,000 1day 60,000
1year 5,800,000
Off-road circuit
(Unit, KRW)
Category Weekdays (Mon ~ Fri) Weekend / Holidays Remarks
ATV In general 30minutes 20,000 30minutes 30,000 ※ no riding together on ATV , driver’s license holder group price is applied to a group of 15 people or more, discount rate 40%
※Group discount is only applied on weekdays and Saturday morning on the weekend Round trip for regular course 8.5km
ATV Group 30minutes 12,000 30minutes 18,000
Fees for baseball stadium
(Unit, KRW)
Category Weekdays (Mon ~ Fri) Weekend / Holidays Remarks
Baseball rental 70,000 100,000 2hours 30minutes / 1 time
150,000 250,000 1day
long-term rental 1year 2,500,000 consultation for date of use