Chapter 1 General

Article 1 Purpose
The purpose of this principle is to achieve the smooth maintenance of racing track facilities and improve user’s convenience and safety.
Article 2 Application Range
It is applied to individuals or groups using the racing track facilities or entering the facilities for other purposes.
Article 3 Obligations for Accident Prevention and Safety Management
All individuals and groups who are entitled to usage of and entry into the facilities are obliged to do their best for the safety of themselves or a third party and for preventing accidents. They shall comply with the orders that are directed or given by the personnel working for the Korea International Circuit.
Article 4 Liabilities
Anyone using facilities within the racing track shall pay attention not to cause damages to the facilities and shall restore the facilities to the original state or pay compensation for the damages, regardless of whether the damages were intentionally caused or by negligence. In the case when a 3rd party is injured or damaged is caused, he/she shall pay compensation for the damages made under the mutual agreement.
Article 5 Insurance
Any individual using the racing track shall be covered by accident insurance. Such accident insurance shall include in its terms the details for compensation of accidents that may occur in the racing track. Otherwise, one shall be registered with insurance respectively. If he/she needs to register with separate one-time insurance, we provide registration for such insurance. If registered to such insurance, he/she shall bear no responsibility for damages occurring on property from the accident, but shall bear responsibility for personal injuries, within the amount of money specified in the terms of insurance. In regard to other accidents, he/she shall not lay civil / criminal responsibilities to the related personnel within the racing track.
Article 6 Terminology
  • Paragraph 1 Official / Marshal
    Marshal Official refers to any personnel who are related to operating and managing the racing track. Marshal refers to those who have the authority to deliver judgement during the race; such as Course Marshal, Fire Marshal, Pit Marshal, Paddock Marshal.
  • Paragraph 2 Control Tower
    It is a place where the Race Control is located and the race is controlled and managed.
  • Paragraph 3 Course (Track)
    It refers to a closed course where permanent / temporary start-finish lines are marked for car racing.
  • Paragraph 4 Pit
    It refers to a temporary service center used by racing teams participating in the car race.
  • Paragraph 5 Post / Observatory Post
    It refers to a place for giving flag signals to drivers, making contact with the control tower and carrying out immediate measures accordingly.
  • Paragraph 6 Car Inspection Spot
    It refers to a place for checking compliance with technical regulations.
  • Paragraph 7 Fire Point
    It refers to a place where a fire extinguisher is located within the circuit.
  • Paragraph 8 Safety Car (SC)
    It refers to a car that is sent into circuit in order to intervene and deal with accidents, which do not severely interfere with racing, without having to stop the race.
  • Paragraph 9 Signal Flag
    It refers to a tool for indicating a warning or a penalty to a vehicle, which has violated regulations or caused an accident or a dangerous situation while driving. Such tool includes 10 types; Chequered flag, Red flag, Black flag, Half black, half white flag, Black with orange circle flag, Yellow flag, Yellow and red striped flag, Blue flag, White flag, Green flag.